Heiki's portrait

Hi there! I am Heiki!


I am obsessive about building great products and love to rave about design. I do my best work in an environment with few restrictions and surrounded by other ambitious people. Startups often provide both. In fact, I am currently building a product, which reimagines what remote collaboration should look like.


  • Acapela - 2020 changed the way how people collaborate at work and Acapela is helping people be productive in a remote-friendly working environment. Being on video calls all day long makes no one happy nor productive. Helping people work by their own time schedules will be a big step towards a more fulfilled remote team.
  • Moneypenny - A mobile app to take meetings notes with voice. Most meetings don't have an agenda nor end up with concrete action items in the end. Moneypenny helps users make every meeting actionable and keep everyone accountable around what was decided in each meeting.
  • RocketBase - A SaaS platform for using pre-trained machine learning models with five lines of python code. Rocketbase enabled ML teams to deploy models in 2 minutes instead of 2 months.
  • Soul - Mobile app, which enables users to communicate via anonymous videos. We helped our users feel safe and not worry about online harassment by changing their face and voice in a video chat.
  • Chameleon - Web application which helps video editing artists automate creating object masks before applying special effects on those objects.
  • DeepBuster - Web application which allows users to detect videos with manipulated faces and voice.
  • AntiBuddy - App which allows users to remove people from their photos. Think holiday photos with tourist in the background.


Natively Estonian, I have a pragmatic approach to life and an interest in tech. I am curious about everything I don't understand and grateful for so many amazing teachers in my life. I have seen many faces of the World and I am currently exploring Berlin, Germany.